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Influence Of Silicon Metal Price On Si-Al Alloy Industry
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Influence Of Silicon Metal Price On Si-Al Alloy Industry

The silicon content of the secondary aluminum alloy ingot ADC12 is 9.6-12%. Its price has been lower than that of primary aluminum for a long time. And the change in silicon price will make ADC12 price higher than primary aluminum. The cost of silicon-containing products has increased significantly.Get more news about Aluminium-silicon Alloy,you can vist our website!

Impact on the value of scrap aluminum raw materials.

Scrap aluminum is mainly composed of raw aluminum and cooked aluminum. Raw aluminum is usually an aluminum-silicon alloy. For a long time, raw aluminum was lower than wrought aluminum. Driven by the rise in silicon prices, the value of primary aluminum has risen sharply.

Silicon went from a cost-reducing metal to a cost-increasing metal. Silicon will be an important factor in determining the value of scrap aluminium. Recycled aluminum enterprises have never paid more attention to silicon, and will have to pay attention to the procurement of silicon and the establishment of stable supply channels.

Industry Summary and Prospects

China''s aluminum alloy pattern is undergoing major changes. In terms of industrial concentration and technical level, it is at the leading level in the world.

Changes in the price difference between silicon and aluminum have changed the material structure and pricing model of the aluminum-silicon alloy market. Recycled aluminum is an important path to achieve the dual-carbon goal of the aluminum industry. The expanding application of recycled aluminum will affect the demand for silicon.

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