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What Makes a Flashlight Intrinsically Safe?
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What Makes a Flashlight Intrinsically Safe?

When authorities consider a flashlight as “intrinsically safe” (IS), this means that the flashlight is designed not to produce sparks to ignite the surrounding material. Also, Intrinsic safety protects against abnormally high temperatures of small components inside the flashlight.Get more news about Buy Explosion Proof Flashlight,you can vist our website!

There are many scenarios like an internal short inside the flashlight that could occur in hazardous areas. For example, the component temperatures could rise above the average operating temperature and cause a risk within the worksite. Safety techniques like intrinsic safety ensure that components don’t reach a temperature that would ignite substances in the surrounding atmosphere. Granted that, IS devices complete rigorous testing under potentially explosive and hazardous conditions to obtain certification.

Many people use the term “Intrinsically Safe” to generally refer to a flashlight with safety approvals.

Authorities certify flashlights–and any equipment for this matter–as intrinsically safe for the environments tested. For example, a Class I Div 1 flashlight is IS for a Class I Div 1 environment. But, it is not necessarily IS for a Class II, Div 1 environment.
Aside from a powerful LED, the intrinsically safe flashlight is IP67 rated and submersible up to 1 meter in depth for 30 minutes. It must be waterproof to provide all-weather durability. Another feature is the magnetic tail and pocket clip. And, The torch itself contains Explosion-Proof and antistatic plastics such as impact-resistant Polycarbonate.

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