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7 best sex toys to spice up your bedroom in 2022
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7 best sex toys to spice up your bedroom in 2022

As a Couples Therapist and Sexologist, my work is helping individuals and couples have harmonious relationships and increase their enjoyment in the bedroom. Sex toys can be a fun way to do that.To get more news about ???????, you can visit our official website.

They increase playfulness (vital to keeping desire alive), build your confidence and enhance enjoyment. They also help you celebrate you if you’re enjoying single life.

There are some simple steps to follow if you’re looking to buy a sex toy for yourself or someone else and want to make sure it gets used more than once.

Increase your connection

Great sex needs great connection, communication and making sex a priority. Toys can enhance intimacy, but you’ll get the most pleasure together when you have a solid foundation to begin with. Don’t forget to romance your partner before you get into the bedroom.

Have a conversation first

Open sexual communication allows you heightened pleasure and intimacy. If you’ve never had a conversation about toys, drop it in casually at first, or mention it’s a fantasy and notice how they respond.

Buy a toy that you both feel comfortable with
While it might spoil the surprise, shopping together is fun, intimate and a huge turn-on.

Want it to be a surprise? Check out the section on Best Sex Toys for Beginners in this article

If you’re still not sure whether your SO will love the gift of a toy, buy them something else to go with it. That way they won’t feel like they’ve missed out and it’s win-win.

Here’s my guide to the best of (expert approved) Sex Toys for self-loving and partner play.

Note: It’s worth investing a little more to get a high-quality sex toy. They’ll last longer and are made from body-safe materials for safer, longer-lasting pleasure.A small, discreet clitoral vibrator perfect for anyone new to sex toys. It can be used solo or in partnered play. Introduce it in foreplay to add extra stimulation to a massage or use it during intercourse to help take you over the edge.

The We-Vibe is the classic couples sex toy – and for good reason. To take you both over the edge, you can’t go past this wearable device that stimulates her G-spot and clitoris, while you’re having intercourse.The sex toy that everyone is talking about right now. This one is designed to mimic the feeling of oral sex. Use it alone, combine with lovemaking or use with another toy.

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