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Popular AV actress “Detected STD” collapsed
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Popular AV actress “Detected STD” collapsed

The 24-year-old Japanese AV actress Fujii Ichiya (Fujii ???) has a pair of electric eyes and a proud figure. After finishing work recently, when she went to the hospital to check her body, she was surprised to find “positive” in the report of sexually transmitted diseases, which made her feel sunny Fortunately, Pili finally received the result of further examination and found that it was a false positive, not really sick, which made her relieved.To get more news about ???????, you can visit our official website.

Fujii posted overnight that one of the STD test results was positive. (Photo/Photo taken from Fujii Yiye’s Instagram)
Fujii Yiye, who is regarded as a goddess by many netizens, also has many fans on her IG and Twitter. On the 13th, she posted on Twitter, revealing that she had undergone a STD test, and the surname Yang appeared in the report, which made her quite dumbfounded. , saying “I’ve never had a sexually transmitted disease in my life.”
Due to the inaccuracy of Google’s translation and the word “retire” in the text, many fans who do not understand Japanese are quite anxious. In this regard, AV expert “Yijian Huanqiu” explained that Fujii Yiye meant that before he retired , Every STD test can be in a clean and clean state, but the test a few days ago was positive for the first time, which made her quite collapsed and even shouted, “I have never had a STD once in my life.” .

Fujii also revealed overnight that she didn’t know if it was a joke by the god of fate or “the male actor is too vicious to imagine”, but fortunately, after further inspection, it was confirmed that it was a false positive, so she would post again, “because of the time of the inspection, physical condition, chronic diseases, etc. Factors, there will be occasional false positives, which is impossible.” She also promised to pay more attention in the future. Knowing that she is neither about to retire nor to have a sexually transmitted disease, this reassures many fans.

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