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new rapid deploy IFAK field medical kit for first responders
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Posted: 9.26.2022 9:17:25

new rapid deploy IFAK field medical kit for first responders

RTS Tactical launched their new rapid deploy IFAK, a comprehensive medical kit outfitted with components designed for injuries in the field. Rapid one-hand deployment allows access to all components while maintaining situational awareness.To get more news about ifak kits, you can visit rusuntacmed.com official website.

RTS Tactical reached out to combat medics and other personnel who would benefit from a quick deploy IFAK to make the RTS Tactical Rapid Deploy IFAK a field-tested solution.
The RTS Tactical Team researched materials that would achieve a lightweight yet strong and rugged shell. The company incorporated all the necessary medical components for an advanced compact and Ready Kit while the engineering department created and field-tested the comprehensive one motion pull system that can be used by the operator itself or a fellow operator.

The light-weight Rapid Deploy IFAK is made with bonded cordura, with MIL-SPEC bungee cords. Customers can decide IFAK contents as well as laser-cut MOLLE and bungee attachment points. The RTS Tactical Rapid Deploy IFAK Kit is available in Black, Ranger Green, Coyte, and Multicam.The Ankle EDC Medical kit, proudly crafted in the US, is built specifically for both general EDC and for emergency medical EDC. We believe that not only is this the best EDC medical device to date, but it is the only one with this dual purpose in mind.
The Ankle EDC Medical Kit has been designed to eliminate unnecessary bulk by spreading it out evenly around the ankle. The North American Medical (NAR) components have been selected down to just the essentials. The pouches were sized specifically for these components. Working from left to right as you are looking at an unworn kit:
Vertical Pocket 1: NAR gauze and a Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) size 28
Vertical Pocket 2: NAR Responder 4” Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD)
Vertical Pocket 3: Trauma Shears and room for a multi-tool (multi-tool not included)
Vertical Pocket 4: CAT tourniquet, and sterile nitrile gloves and room for a decompression needle (decompression needle not included)
2 Horizontal Pockets: empty

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