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The First Aid Kits
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The First Aid Kits

Now that you know what you’re looking for, the next step is figuring out which kit suits you best. Some of these are more compact whereas others are a bit more comprehensive. And while we can supply the picks, you’ll have to decide which of the following kits fits your adventure plans best.To get more news about celox, you can visit rusuntacmed.com official website.

Measuring less than 4” in length and weighing just a hair over 2oz, Coleman’s Mini First Aid Kit manages to cram 27 essential pieces of first aid items into an extremely compact and travel-friendly metal tin (complete with embossed “Coleman” logos. Obviously this item isn’t adequate for treating more serious injuries, though with antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, a razor blade, and a myriad of bandages, it’s still good for cleaning cuts and scrapes in the wild and treating mild injuries.
One of the most popular medical kits on the market today, AMK’s Ultralight / Watertight .7 kit is designed to provide basic medical essentials for two people over the course of a one to four-day journey. This American made offering boasts a handful of medications, wipes, closures, and badges, and pretty much everything needed to treat common hiking injuries like blisters, cuts, and insect stings. Tipping the scales at only half-a-pound, the entire kit fits inside a compact silnylon bag with a pair of watertight inner DryFlex compartments for safekeeping.

AMK’s Tactical Field Trauma Kit maintains the brand’s tradition of producing robust yet highly compact first aid kits, but lends itself to treating more serious in-the-field injuries. As such, the kit includes a QuickClot Sport Sponge, a biohazard bag and disposable gloves, precision forceps, a handful of wraps and bandages, and an assortment of medications that enable it to handle more serious trauma like broken bones and puncture wounds. And, unlike AMK’s plastic kits, this tactical item comes housed in a rugged, blacked-out zippered nylon carrying case.

If you’re going to be bringing a four-legged companion along on your journies, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for an injury, whether it happens to you or your dog. And that’s the thought process behind AMK’s Me And My Dog First Aid Kit. In addition to providing supplies for human first aid, the kit also includes dog-specific medical items like a muzzle, self-adhering bandages that won’t stick to fur, and a pet first aid manual.

Modeled after traditional tool rolls, this roll-up first aid kit comes in a waterproof, #16 waxed canvas case with nylon straps, #10 heavy-duty zippers, and reinforced marine-grade stitching. Once opened up, this off-road-oriented kit reveals a number of pockets and dividers for easy organization and storage of medical supplies. And, while this item doesn’t come with the convenience of a pre-built-out array of medical goodies, it provides a stellar case for piecing together your own custom first aid kit based on your particular needs.

This Surviveware kit presents a ruggedized take on your typical first aid kit, with ultra-durable 600D TPU construction, waterproof zippers, fully-welded seams, and an IPX7 waterproof rating that enables it to remain fully submerged in 1M of water for a full 30 minutes without letting in a drop. Inside it hardwearing case, the kit packs dozens of essential medical supplies for treating minor injuries, while outside it features removable MOLLE-compatible D-rings so it can easily be attached to other bags or gear.

MyMedic is well-known for producing premium, military-grade first aid and medical kits, and the company’s Solo FAK is one of the most robust personal kits on the market. Despite its diminutive 6.5” x 4” x 1.7” dimensions, this TSA-approved kit boasts an enormous number of first aid essentials – such as moleskin, several bandages, 10’ of paracord, tweezers, and a bevy of ointments and medications for treating common injuries and ailments – into a small, nylon case with oversized zippers and MOLLE-compatible straps.

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