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Anger value explodes the meter [fast wear]
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At this time, the male nun smiled at him and his lips moved slightly. Just him. Xie Xu gently touched the red-haired male Xiu, and their eyes met in one place across several people. Male Xiu immediately changed a "shocked face", as if very excited, and pointed to himself in disbelief. Then, when no one was looking, he quickly gave a proud look to the waiter who was hanging his head next to him. How about it, brother Xie? Am I good? Joe is showing off. Had it not been for brother Fei Xie, he would have been reluctant to give up the only double S-class card in his hand, and the flesh would have hurt him to death. Xie Huai''en is now a humble page boy in the Qi training period. In order to avoid being exposed because of the incompatibility of his personality, he has been hanging his head. Until the game NPC with the same name as his brother came over. Chapter 133 after suffering from pheromone disorder. The emblem of the once independent federal state of Friderland is called "Xie Xu" in interstellar transliteration, which is known as the meaning of freedom. Therefore, the name of Xie Xu is not uncommon, especially among the younger generation. Xie Huai''en has no doubt that the staff of the Academy of Star Sciences will give NPC the name of Xie Xu. But when the NPC named Xie Xu approached, Xie Huai''en looked up and subconsciously paid attention to it. Just a glance, it seems to be possessed, some absence. The appearance of the other side is quite outstanding, and there is no objection to being called a great beauty, but the expression is cold and not easy to approach. Xie Huai''en felt that he or because of his name, he always felt that the appearance of the other party was somewhat like the shadow of the young master in the family. But for a moment,stainless steel 304 pipes, Xie Huai''en woke up. Not to mention that the other side is an NPC, the difference in temperament alone is not similar to his brother at all. Xie Xu gathered his eyebrows slightly, and he stepped on the void, like a compassionate immortal, showing both compassion and indifference. Inexplicably give people a heavy psychological suppression. Qiao Fu has been paying attention to Xie Huai''en''s reaction, out of the sensitive intuition of high play, he felt that Xie Ge was really the first time to enter the survival,side impact door beams, even Tianjiao is not good at aspects, actions and expressions are too rigid, only to arouse the suspicion of other players, if NPC feels that he is provoking and targeting him-it is not without the precedent of NPC violent injury, sending players out. The atmosphere between the two seemed to be so tense that the arrow was on the string. Qiao Fu bowed slightly and saluted in a presentable manner. He changed the subject and said, "Thank you for your grace, disciple!"! I don''t know the ceremony of worshipping the teacher. Before he had finished speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by Xie Xu. His body was slightly stiff, and he looked at Xie Ge in disbelief. Because that Xie Zhenren touched the Xie Huai''en next to him, a Zhenyuan fell between Xie Huai''en''s eyebrows, which turned out to be a little spiritual consciousness for him. He brushed his clothes and said lightly, "I think you are also very good, so you will be my second disciple." Xie Huai''en: "…" Joe Negative: "…" I don''t think it''s fair. What''s your name? Xie Xu bent over slightly, and his gorgeous face was so close that he seemed to ask carelessly. Xie Huai. This is the name that Xie Huai''en changed in the copy, aluminium coated steel tube ,side impact beams, which is only one word different from his real name. Xie Xu did not know that there was a renaming operation-the plot he knew was extremely rough, and all the relevant knowledge about "survival PTSD" was inherited only from the body memory, otherwise he would not have used the name "Xie Xu" only when landing for survival and making copies. After getting Xie Huai''en''s answer, he dispelled the doubt. Xie Huaien has not entered the survival in the plot, how can he appear in this copy. With this rough impression, Xie Xu went to see the page boy again, only to feel that he was not so like Xie Huai''en. It''s just that the eyes are very beautiful, like a trapped animal in a cage, and they imply ferocity, which suddenly touches Xie Xu. "This name is very good," Xie Xudao, "and I have a master and apprentice. Unexpectedly, it is ten percent to give the name to the disciple. Originally, some people were jealous of Qiao''s good luck, but compared with him, it was obvious that the unknown little page boy was more lucky, and his luck was so good that people were puzzled that they pulled the hatred of all the people in the past. He is not even an inner disciple, but a handyman who is not an outer disciple! The kind-looking master was somewhat surprised, but was influenced by Xie Xu and went to explore the root of the child, which was the root of the three spirits without merit or fault.
Sanlinggen, it''s really a waste to be a handyman, but such talent is not outstanding. The Headmaster did not understand Xie Xu''s intention for a moment, but also euphemistically advised him to change to a disciple with better cultivation and better roots and bones. If Xie Zhenren can see it, Luo Qin at the foot of Fanmu Peak is a good seedling. He has a tough and prudent temperament. "The Headmaster paused and said," Or my little daughter Miao Miao, the spirit root of the single water sky, the body of pure Yin, and the immortal path in the future. " Not only that, but also an excellent candidate for Taoist couples. This is also Xie Xu gave birth to a face that women admire, and usually keep themselves clean, otherwise the master would never put forward the suggestion of letting the favored little daughter be Xie Xu''s apprentice. Xie Huai''en did not say a word, but the heart of vigilance was a little weaker. Heard that the survival of the NPC plot is set up quite reasonable, will choose according to logic, of course, this Xie Zhenren will only. "No, thank you for your kindness." The friar''s cold voice came and refused very decisively. I just want him. Xie Huai''en was stunned, and before he could react, he put a jade tablet in the palm of his hand. It was the life card of the disciple of the Inner Gate. His tentacles were warm and moist, and in an instant he was infected with human body temperature. In the middle of the night, the cold wind is rustling and the shadows of the trees are rustling. The two men moved from the courtyard of the inner disciple to the peak of Xie Xu. Qiao looked like he wanted to speak and then stopped. He walked step by step to the no-man''s land before he could talk. Qiao Fu grinned and said, "Brother Xie, NB!"? " Xie Huai''en lowered his head, and before he could recover from the previous accident, he heard Qiao Fu ask again, "Brother Xie,stainless steel tube 304, did you use props?"? One of the ten props given by the newlyweds? "No." Xie Huai''en said. Qiao Fu immediately sighed: "It''s done. I admit that our brother Xie is so handsome that people and gods are angry. Even NPC fell in love with you at first sight. He tried his best to teach you his lifelong learning.". But Xie Ge should pay attention to protecting himself, don''t be taken advantage of by NPC, you are a family man now. ? cbiesautomotive.com



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