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The Best Farmer in the End of the World Crisis
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You know, the defense of the ancient tree of war is much higher than his attack, and the most powerful part of the blood clan is their ability to fight for a long time. Whether it is the call of Fen Shen or the drawing of energy, they are good at fighting and clinging to each other. On the contrary, they are not very good in one-to-one combat. At the same time, their defense is also in the middle and lower level among the soldiers of the same level. But in the face of the ancient tree of war, because of the life energy contained in his body, it directly wastes Charles''s energy absorption, because this life energy not only has no use for Charles, but also requires Charles to spend a lot of energy to eliminate this energy, absolutely stealing chicken does not erode rice. The skill of summoning Fen Shen is more suitable for dealing with a large number of enemies whose combat effectiveness is lower than their own and escaping, and has little effect on the current battle. So, in the battle with the ancient tree of war, Charles had no choice but to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Fortunately, although the hand-to-hand combat ability of the blood clan is not as good as that of the natural warriors of the bone emperor clan, it is also passable. In addition, Charles''s fighting power is there. Charles thinks that it is not a big problem to defeat the ancient tree of war. Even if he can''t fight in the end, he can leave calmly. After dodging the blow of the ancient war tree, Charles took advantage of the situation to draw a strange arc, and even used his sharp wings to draw an inch of wound on the back of the ancient war tree. The wound was filled with black gas,plastic pallet crates, and it was obvious that a large amount of dark energy had taken the opportunity to invade the wound, so that the ancient war trees with amazing recovery ability could not recover. Despite a blow from Charles, he was not hurt too much by the strong defense of the ancient tree of war. Instead, Charles slowed down a little. He was beaten a few times by three or four smaller branches that came later. However, it was obvious that the attack power of these branches was much lower than that of the two main branches, and it did not cause any harm to Charles. Charles, who had taken a lot of advantage, did not give the old war tree any chance to breathe,collapsible pallet bin, but after a circle, he rushed towards the old war tree again. I don''t know if it was because Charles was too proud of his success last time. As a result, Charles rushed so hard that he rushed to the two main branches of the old war tree that split Charles''s head! Watching Charles because of too fierce and unable to avoid, straight to face the war of the two main branches of the ancient tree flew past, Gu Hao immediately a burst of rapid heart beating, if this is solid, with the defense of the blood clan, at least can destroy Charles one or two percent of the fighting capacity, then the battle Gu Hao side of the odds can be much higher. Hua Xiaoou, who had been looking for an opportunity, apparently found the opportunity. He kept his eyes on Charles and tightened the bone gloves made by Gu Hao for him, ready to beat up the underdog at any time. At that moment, seeing that the branches of the old war tree were about to touch Charles''s head, Charles suddenly split in two and turned into two bats one size smaller. As a result, plastic pallet suppliers ,ibc spill pallet, the two branches of the old war tree whistled past the two bats. Instead, the two bats left two new wounds on the old battle tree, one left and one right. After this success, Charles finally breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. After these two tests, Charles finally confirmed that the war tree in front of him was just a rookie without much combat experience. It seems that this battle may be far simpler than he imagined. After confirming that the ancient tree of war was a rookie, Charles no longer hesitated, the rhythm of the attack was more aggressive and compact than just now, and the ancient tree of war not only had no counter-offensive power under Charles''non-stop attack, but also had problems in defense, which Charles seized the opportunity to succeed frequently. Had it not been for the war ancient tree''s own defensive strength and Charles''s attack power was not high, the war ancient tree would have fallen down long ago, but even so, the war old tree obviously could not persist in this state for too long, while Hua Xiaoou on one side had no chance at all in front of Charles, who was not greedy for merit. For a time, the scene was extremely unfavorable to Gu Hao''s side, and it seemed that there was no hope of winning.
Seeing this scene, Gu Hao could not help worrying. Although Gu Hao was ready to be suppressed by Charles from the very beginning, the situation that he had no power to fight back was something Gu Hao had never thought of. After thinking for a while with a gloomy face, Gu Hao had no choice but to let the ancient war tree shrink its size and become half of its original size. After the body was reduced by half, there were fewer places for Charles to attack, which made Charles unable to find a good chance to attack for a while, but at the same time, the attack range and attack power of the ancient war tree were also reduced a lot, which further reduced the threat of the ancient war tree to Charles. After two or three unsuccessful attempts, Charles, who was extremely experienced in combat, quickly found the best way to fight. I saw Charles wings a fan, a circle, and even straight toward the war tree rushed over. The ancient tree of war that had suffered a loss did not dare to attack head-on as it did last time without reservation, but after separating the two main branches, it swept Charles in the past, and at the same time, the smaller branches also followed the two main branches to meet Charles last time, although these small branches can be ignored for Charles with complete strength. But if Charles continues to split up, these branches are still a threat to Charles, who is twice as weak. But obviously, Charles was not prepared to repeat a method several times. Facing the two main branches of the ancient war tree, Charles, who rushed over, did not dodge, carried the attack, and took the opportunity to tear off two pieces of bark from the ancient war tree with two sharp claws, while the two sharp wings also cut off a lot of other branches that were waving around. By this blow, the already injured war old tree immediately sent out a roar full of pain,plastic pallet price, even miraculously with two main branches tightly wrapped around Charles, at the same time, the other branches also took the opportunity to severely beat Charles. binpallet.com



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