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Melbourne''s new ''70s-themed karaoke bar is groovy
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Melbourne''s new ''70s-themed karaoke bar is groovy

The mere suggestion of karaoke holds the power to get hearts pounding — whether that''s out of excitement or pure, blind panic. Like most things in New York City, though, there’s a little something out there for everyone''s public and late-night singing scene appetites. Whether you want to belt out Lady Gaga under neon lights to a crowd of stunned strangers, or moodily croon a lesser-known indie hit with your closest confidants, there''s an NYC karaoke bar to cover that. Scroll ahead to see our hit list and find your sweet spot for letting your musical freak flags fly.To get more news about Karaoke Melbourne, you can visit starsktv.com.au official website.
The fun-loving folks behind B Lucky & Sons and Archie Brothers have opened another fun times bar in Melbourne, and this one is far out. Juke''s is a ''70s-themed karaoke bar, now open in Crown Casino.

Juke''s has not shied away from colour and extravagance, with colourful glass, mirrors, disco balls (of course), bright paint and flower power everywhere you look. There''s a piano player who will serenade you from the baby grand, and every hour on the hour there''s a different entertainment surprise. The ten karaoke rooms are fully on theme, with plush velvet couches and bright colours. Each room has its own theme, and you can get into the spirit of the era with a prop box filled with tambourines, maracas and feather boas. The setlist includes ''70s classics, but you can also sing your fave from any era (''Mr Brightside'', anyone?).

Cocktails are bright and bold, and you can get shots in liquid or jelly form, garnished with lollies. In the mood to share? Get The Cure, a disco-themed punch served in a mirror ball that''s designed for multiple people, made out of orange cider, ginger beer, white rum, spiced rum, lemon juice, and almond and watermelon syrups. Feeling truly ''70s? You can, indeed, get a Grasshopper here, with crème de menthe and crème de cacao.

Food is suitably ''70s, and yes of course you can get fondue – both chocolate and cheese. You can also get a classic Chiko Roll served in a shopping trolley, mini burgers and hot dogs, and a take on a prawn cocktail with coconut prawns, shaved lettuce and Mary Rose sauce.

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