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Online Store
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Candy Bawerman


Join Date: 4.24.2022
Posts: 1
Location: USA

Posted: 4.24.2022 4:40:18

I''m planning to open an online store, but I ran into a real problem when choosing a payment system. I don''t expect to make big profits the first time, so I''m looking for a company with low commissions. At the same time, I need a company that covers Europe.
So we are waiting for your suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

Luke Faber


Join Date: 4.25.2022
Posts: 1

Posted: 4.25.2022 1:36:25

I would like to share https://corefy.com/ Corefy is a payment gateway for ecommerce platforms that makes it easy to accept and process payments. It offers a simple, secure, and reliable way to take payments online. We''re happy with the service and would recommend it to others.

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