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Best Jewellers & High-End Designer Jewellery
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Best Jewellers & High-End Designer Jewellery

The word JEWELLERY is derived from the word jewel, which was anglicised from the Old French "jouel" circa the 13th century. Further tracing leads back to the Latin word "jocale", meaning plaything. Jewellery is one of the oldest forms of body adornment; recently found 100,000 year-old beads made from Nassarius shells are thought to be the oldest known jewellery.To get more news about best designer jewelry, you can visit jewelryhunt.net official website.

Jewellery is an item of personal adornment, such as a necklace, ring, brooch or bracelet, that is worn by a person. It may be made from gemstones or precious metals, but may be from any other material, and may be appreciated because of geometric or other patterns, or meaningful symbols.
Jewellery is sometimes seen as wealth storage or functionally as holding a garment or hair together. It has from very early times also been regarded as a form of personal adornment. The first pieces of jewellery were made from natural materials, such as bone, animal teeth, shell, wood and carved stone. More exotic jewellery was probably made for wealthy people or as indications of social status. In some cases people were buried with their jewellery.

Jewellery has been made to adorn nearly every body part, from hairpins to toe rings and many more types of jewellery. While high-quality jewellery is made with gemstones and precious metals, such as silver or gold.

A gemstone or GEM (also called a precious or semi-precious stone, or jewel) is a piece of mineral, which, in cut and polished form, is used to make jewelry or other adornments. However certain rocks, (such as lapis lazuli) and organic materials (such as amber or jet) are not minerals, but are still used for jewelry, and are therefore often considered to be gemstones as well.
AFFAIR OF THE DIAMOND NECKLACE - incident in 1785 at the court of King Louis XVI of France involving his wife, Queen MARIE ANTOINETTE. The reputation of the Queen, already tarnished by gossip, was ruined by the implication that she participated in a crime to defraud the crown jewelers of the cost of a very expensive diamond necklace. The Affair is historically significant as one of the events that led to the French populace''s disillusionment with the monarchy, which, among other causes, eventually precipitated the French Revolution.
ALL ABOUT GEMSTONES - a diamond, colored-gemstone and jewelry database/website that was written from a layperson''s perspective, and is designed to bridge the gap between the expert gemologist.
AMETHYST - Wikipedia.
ARE CRYSTALS THE NEW BLOOD DIAMONDS? - "Gwyneth loves them, Adele can’t sing without them and Kim Kardashian uses them to deal with stress. Many of us are lured by their beauty and promise of mystical powers, but are ‘healing’ crystals connecting us to the earth - or harming it?"
House of Bulgari to unveil spectacular new pieces of jewelry - most of them one-of-a-kinds - in a huge event that celebrates the brand’s rich Roman roots and magnificent abilities at gem-setting and selecting stones. This year, Bulgari releases its new high-jewelry collection under the name of Barocko. Naturally, due to Covid-19, the brand was unable to hold its typical event, and instead opted for a digital release of the new collection - via a dedicated app."
CABOCHON - gemstone which has been shaped and polished as opposed to faceted.
CAN NFTS WORK FOR LUXURY JEWELLERY? - "The NFT debate is now running through the market for diamonds and luxury jewellery. Royal jeweller Asprey plans to issue NFTs, but others are staying away - for now."
CARTIER S.A. - the company has a long and distinguished history of serving royalty, as well as stars and celebities. One Prince of Wales hailed Cartier as "Joaillier des Rois, Roi des Joailliers" ("Jeweller to Kings, King of Jewellers").
CELEBRATE PERIDOT, AN AUGUST BIRTHSTONE, WITH THESE BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF PERIDOT JEWELRY - "August has several birthstones, but the most well-known is peridot. This beautiful green gemstone comes in a range of hues, from yellow-green to deep green, and lends itself to classic, stone-focused jewelry, as well as accents with other stones and colors."
CHOPARD DRESSES BOND GIRL IN 140 CARATS OF DIAMONDS - "Chopard has joined the cast of the latest James Bond film No Time to Die, to be released in April. Pieces from the jewelry firm’s Green Carpet collection will make an appearance in the 25th Bond film, worn by Ana de Armas, who plays Paloma, a CIA agent, in the movie. She wears a Chopard necklace set with 43 carats of pear-shaped diamonds, a matching bracelet with 82 carats of pear-shaped and round-brilliant diamonds and earrings set with another 14 carats of diamonds."

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