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Name your top 3 apps
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Join Date: 8.3.2021
Posts: 14

Posted: 11.3.2021 11:56:16

My favorite apps: Boss Detector, uses your phone as a motion detector and automatically minimizes reddit on your computer whenever someone comes up behind you.

Hands down Duolingo. Helped me learn German, and the community is very active.

Skymap. It shows the constellations and planets that your phone is pointed at.



Join Date: 8.4.2021
Posts: 24

Posted: 11.3.2021 11:58:40

I use Zoom, WhatsApp and fax app for work. My favorite one is iphone faxing app, it helps to scan and send docs and e-sign any paper on my phone screen. Useful app for everyone who work with documents. It has free trial subscription and I can track all docs.


Join Date: 7.25.2021
Posts: 5

Posted: 8.3.2022 3:09:28

The aesthetics and user interface of fall guys greatly excite me. The game has come back and added a lot of intriguing new features to better meet player needs.

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