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Thinking about this Halloween colored contact lens?
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Thinking about this Halloween colored contact lens?

Jason Carruthers, director of Tecumseh’s Orbit Contact Lens Institute, said costume contacts (lenses that add wild colors and designs to the eyes) are serious for vision if the product is of poor quality, incompatible, or improperly used. It states that it can cause damage.To get more news about Green Contacts , you can visit beauon.com official website.

“There are well-documented cases of people who are blind with these types of lenses,” said Carruthers. “I want to warn people that this is serious. We are talking about your vision.”

He said contact lens materials can be harmful. If they are not made of the right ones, poorly designed, or not sterile, they “can cause corneal ulcers or allergic reactions, which can lead to blindness.” The lens material is decent. Even so, the lens may not fit your personal eye well.To get more news about Purple Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website.
“That’s why we are called contact lens fitters,” said Carruthers. “If the lens does not fit properly, it can cause similar eye damage, so you should choose a contact lens fitting.”

With over 25 years of experience as an optician, he said he saw patients develop corneal ulcers (an infection that causes pain in the cornea of ??the eye) after wearing costume contacts.

Carruthers isn’t the only one to warn about costume lenses. In recent years, Health Canada has begun to classify decorative contact lenses as medical devices due to potential health risks. As a result, lenses must be licensed for medical devices and labeled according to the regulations for medical devices sold in Canada.To get more news about Purple Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website.

Health Canada warns on its website that decorative contacts can cause eye cuts and scratches, allergic reactions, vision problems, infections and blindness.

Those who want funky contacts can still safely buy and wear, Carruthers said. To do so, they should visit an ophthalmologist to have lens fittings, buy reliable contacts, and learn how to handle them properly.

Problematic costume lenses tend to damage before and after Halloween, but Carruthers said it causes problems all year round. Even those who have clear prescription contact lenses can face the same challenges when ordering contacts online without proper fitting and instructions.

If you have already purchased costume lenses, Carruthers warned that it is especially important to wear them and avoid falling asleep, as they may not supply oxygen to the eyes. Also, do not share contact lenses with others.“If you notice irritation, discomfort, or pain, it won’t cause any discomfort, so remove it immediately,” he said, and red-eye and sudden fog and cloudy eyesight are also sources of concern.



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