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Does The Day Before Have Skills Like New World?
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Posted: 10.31.2021 10:51:25

Does The Day Before Have Skills Like New World?

The upcoming MMO survival game, The Day Before, has recently received a release date following months of uncertainty. While the launch of The Day Before is still some way off, this gives the game plenty of time to take ideas and lessons from other games in the MMO space. The Day Before has impressed from its showings in gameplay trailers, but the MMO space can be a tricky one to break into. As such, despite early signs for the game being very promising, lessons from other titles in the space could be very valuable.To get more news about buy new world, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

One such MMO that The Day Before could look to learn from is New World, which has recently launched. New World has enjoyed a successful launch to put it lightly, and as such, many other titles may be looking towards it for inspiration. While a number of factors have contributed towards the early success of New World, it’s possible that much of its success could be put down to one feature in particular.
New World has managed to keep fans attention since its launch, with gamers invested in New World''s Aeternum. Gaining an active audience in the MMORPG space is difficult, and keeping that audience is even harder. But New World has managed thus far, which may have something to do with its rewarding progression system. As players gain experience in New World, they can pick up a number of skills and abilities. New World players can level up in a variety of skill categories, including trade, gathering, refining, crafting, and weapons to customize their character to their own liking. These skills give players a real feeling of progression towards something, with the ultimate goal being to stand as a formidable foe to enemy factions.

Players can improve skills in New World by completing actions relating to their preferred skill. This in turn increases the player’s xp level, and will ultimately reward the player with higher level skills. The method for improving skills in New World is immersive and follows the logic with which players would improve their skills in areas in real life. This is an immersive way to keep players engaged in what they’re doing beyond the main events and quests of New World. Other upcoming MMORPGs such as The Day Before could do well to learn from New World’s skill system, although The Day Before may look elsewhere to keep fans engaged.
The developer of The Day Before has expressed a desire to forgo skills altogether in order to avoid unfair combat situations. Instead, there will be "a special reputation system in the survivors'' camp," though what this reputation system will entail is still not entirely clear. It is known that players will be able to interact with one another either as friendlies or enemies, and there will be some NPCs in survivor camps. It has been suggested that The Day Before’s survivor colony and base-building will be similar to that which can be found in Animal Crossing, which may indicate that the reputation system may be similar too.

The latest trailer for The Day Before showed survivors working out in the gym, relaxing in the sauna, and grabbing drinks at the colony’s bar. The trailer also shows players looting malls for expensive goods, building houses, and upgrading weapons. This may be where the experienced players are able to gain an advantage over more green ones. In survivor colonies, players can trade their goods, so it’s possible that the looting system could be a big player for The Day Before. If loot is able to act as some kind of currency, and players are then able to upgrade their weapons, it may turn out that looting will be a more useful skill tree to The Day Before players than the skills in New World would be. With proper skills being avoided, the reputation system will certainly be worth keeping an eye on.

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