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Are Costume Contacts Safe For Halloween?
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Posted: 10.13.2021 12:23:24

Are Costume Contacts Safe For Halloween?

Want decorative contacts for your Halloween or cosplay costume? It takes more than a quick run to the Halloween store.To get more news about Green Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website.
Avoid the scare of serious eye injury or permanent damage to your eye from costume contacts with a trip to an optometrist or ophthalmologist before you buy. Whether you want vampire, zombie, “circle eye” or other specialty contacts, keep in mind having these festive Halloween looks requires getting a medical device – contact lenses.To get more news about Purple Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website.

Buying costume eye contacts off the shelf or online may seem convenient. But it’s illegal to sell any contact lenses without a prescription in the United States. Using knock-off contact lenses could be dangerous to your eye health.Buying costume contact lenses without a prescription offers extra risks. You may not know if the contacts were made with the right materials or in clean conditions. The Journal of Forensic Sciences found that 60 percent of counterfeit contact lenses were found positive for microbial contamination. Another study found several over-the-counter costume lenses tested positive for chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that at least 13,500 emergency room cases each year are due to contact lens injuries.To get more news about Purple Contacts, you can visit beauon.com official website.

“Be aware of what you are buying and from whom,” advises Michigan City optometrist Laura Zaknoun, OD, who practices at Franciscan Physician Network Coolspring Health Center. “Allow enough time to visit your optometrist and have the fitting to get them ordered in time.”Non-prescription costume contacts can cut, scratch and infect your eye if they don''t fit exactly right. They can lead to allergic reactions, bacterial infections, corneal scrapes or ulcers, and even blindness. The paints and pigments for color lenses also make the contacts thicker and less breathable, possibly allowing less oxygen to the eye.

Don’t share contact lenses or cosmetics with others. Either will spread bacteria and germs.
Use proper contact hygiene.
Do not sleep in costume contacts.
Wash your hands before putting in or taking out your contact lenses.
Apply makeup after inserting the contact lenses.
Keep false eyelash glue, nail polish and remover, and perfume and cologne away from contacts.
Avoid metallic, pearlized or glittery types of eye shadow, which are common causes of eye irritation and infection in people who wear contacts.
Don’t apply eyeliner to the inner edge of the lid or above the lash line on the lower lid.

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