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Doppler Wind Lidar price
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Doppler Wind Lidar price Production Introduction
Wind3D 6000/10K is a new generation of low-level wind shear Lidar designed for airport safety and wind shear warning, according to the ICAO document 9817. Wind shear, microstorms, gusts and turbulence are atmospheric conditions that affect aircraft safety, especially during takeoff and landing. Even in sunny and dry weather, drastic changes in wind direction will bring serious challenges to pilots, causing sudden airspeed changes in the aircraft, which may cause the aircraft to sink suddenly and run off the runway. Wind3D 6000 and Wind3D 10K are able to scan all potentially dangerous areas in the airport airspace in real time, detect windshear within the scan range, and send automatic alerts to air traffic controllers, enabling pilots to make corresponding decisions on flight safety.
Wind3D 6000/10K also measure the wake vortex generated by aircraft in flight. The wake vortex poses a potential threat to the flight safety of the trailing aircraft. The low-level wind shear Lidar is used to measure the aircraft wake vortex in the free atmosphere in an all-round way to invert the position, characteristics, evolution and attenuation of the aircraft wake vortex to ensure a safe flight distance under specific conditions. The lidar solution can improve transportation capacity during peak periods.
Technical Advantages
(1) 3D wind field detection: low-level wind shear Lidar is featured of long range and 3D wind profile detection.
(2) Dual data outputs: simultaneously output real-time wind data and real-time aerosol concentration .
(3) Innovative design of servo-following camera system: synchronous monitoring of weather conditions and security images.
(4) High accuracy: wind velocity measurement accuracy as high as wind cup (<0.1m/s), with conformance to IEC61400-12-1:2017 standard.
(5) Long detection range: detection radius up to 12km.
(6) Multiple scanning modes: DBS /VAD /PPI /RHI /CAPPI /LOS script programming.
(7) High resolution: range resolution 15m/30m/60m/150m can be user defined.
(8) Flexible deployment: small in size, light in weight, and low in power consumption. It can be easily settled and transported in the field.
(9) Unattended: remote data acquisition and equipment monitoring
(10) Strong robustness: continuous and stable operation in harsh environment such as high temperature, high humidity and very cold conditions.
Applications in Aviation Safety and Efficiency
??Continuous Wind Profile Monitoring
??Low Level Wind Shear (or Windshear) Detection and Alert
??Aircraft Wake Vortex Detection and Tracking
??Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring
??Atmospheric Turbulence
??Vertical Gust Velocity and Eddy Dissipation Rate
?Doppler Wind Lidar price

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