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wholesale 12v 300ah lithium battery
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wholesale 12v 300ah lithium battery
Company Profile
Since 1987, Guangzhou ESG New Energy Technology Co., Ltd has registered TOYO battery brand as one of 5 major suppliers designated by the China government for tender, now develops with ESG, HKTOYO, and Europe TOYO brand for global markets.
With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standard environmental protection has become a common theme of human being. More and more countries focus on the carbon emission from manufacturing industry, so ESG stands out from "TOYO" with over 35 years experience of battery industry to act on international convention.
As ESG promotes intellectualized reform and digital transformation, Currently there are production bases in various cities of Guangdong for manufacturing SLA batteries and lithium batteries, which also extends to the field of new energy products including Battery,Solar panel, Inverter, Wind turbine, Portable system, Solar light, etc.
CEO''s Message
ESG company follows the principle of customer first, and we are committed to build one-stop service team from technology development to production and sales for global markets. With our capability of professional leading technology development and high efficient stable customer service, over 50,000 batteries are manufactured here everyday. Meanwhile, we also design complete off-grid system with suitable solutions for users and regular clients all over the world.

Team Introduced
We have more than 30 senior engineers from YUASA TOYO with upgraded automatic intelligent production lines, so the staffs have been reduced from 3,000 to more than 1,000 people. The main materials and manufactures of ESG battery include alloy preparation, plate production, battery shell, separator production, all in one-stop manufacturing to ensure the stable and reliable quality of battery with better cost performance.

Company Certificate
Complete certificate. We keep ISO, CE, UL CCC, ROHS, TUV, SGS, IEC UN38.3 certificates

Company Honor
China''s top 10 new energy industry
Company Values: Quality guarantees value creation

Industry Status
Top10 Battery technology leads the world

Corporate Strategy
Environmental protection and emission reduction, energy security, industrial upgrading, technological innovation,

Company Mission
Improve value with quality, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and realize the future for the enterprise.

Corporate Vision
ESG has become a reliable brand in the international community.

Company Philosophy
Integrity and innovation beyond win-win

wholesale 12v 300ah lithium battery

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