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went to buy medicine, an
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Posted: 12.10.2019 1:33:38

It may be because of an umbrella propped up in the rain, or a motivating word in difficulty, or it may be because of the arm that held you forward in frustration ... There are too many things that move us in life Already. However, it still exists in my mind, as if it happened yesterday. At that time, the weather was not as clear as before. I hurried home immediately after school, but the door was locked. It seemed that my parents were not at home, so I had to stand at the door and wait for them. But the wait is half an hour. It seems that it is going to rain this day. What should I do if I do n??t write my homework? These days the word changes, and the rain begins to patter. Later it got bigger and bigger. Although I was holding something, my clothes were still wet. I froze all over. I wanted to go to a neighbor''s house for a while, but I thought again that their family came from the countryside Parliament Cigarettes, and the poor would certainly not let me in. Afraid I ate something from their house. Thinking of this, I had to continue to wait at the door. An aunt? The aunt also saw me hurried to my side and asked me why I didn''t go home. I lowered my head and whispered, "My mom and dad are not at home, I can''t enter the house." I had to slowly follow the steps of my aunt and walk towards her house. Although my clothes were wet at this moment Marlboro Gold, my heart went into the aunt''s house warmly. I was stunned. Although their house was poor, the house was cleaned and the things were neatly arranged. My hair was dripping, making their original clean floors wet. I was embarrassed to look at the aunt, the aunt smiled at me and said, "It doesn''t matter." Auntie found me a clean piece of clothing and let me take a bath and cook myself. After I took a shower, my aunt quickly asked me for warmth and made a lot of delicious dishes. I''m so touched. At night, I felt uncomfortable after finishing my homework at my aunt''s house. Auntie saw my face was not so good, and quickly touched my head and said, "Oh, boy, you have a fever." My aunt would have to work the night shift tonight Marlboro Cigarettes, but because I was sick, I hurried to take a leave. I hurriedly went to buy medicine, and after taking the medicine, I felt better. After a while, Mom and Dad came back and thanked Auntie quickly after knowing this. It is also because of this kind of thing that changed my view of the country people. Whenever I think about it, I will be moved by the action of my aunt. What about you?
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