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First gameplay video released for NBA 2K20
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Posted: 8.2.2019 2:51:47

NBA 2K19 MT The first gameplay trailer for the NBA 2K20 is finally released. The NBA 2K20 the last game in the NBA 2K series is almost unbeatable among basketball games and is looking forward to basketball fans. In the trailer the dual struggles and their interactions with the environment are given a lot of space. Keeping its promise 2K Games has released its first gameplay video for the NBA 2K20.

The theme of the offseason and the new video is familiar faces in new places. The newest NBA 2K20 gameplay trailer not only features the Lakers duo of LeBron and Davis but a number of other brand new team duos. Kawhi and Paul George are seen in Clippers uniforms together. Kyrie Irving drives through the air to the hoop wearing a Brooklyn Nets uniform. There’s a shot of Malcolm Brogdon on the Pacers and D’Angelo Russell in a Warriors uniform.

In the published trailer some new features are introduced. Buy NBA 2K19 MT Coins The physics system was implemented more successfully in the NBA 2K20. So dribbling mechanics will be better now. In addition the NBA 2K20 will not have push mechanics.

The upcoming 2K game has a lot of fans exited for the possibilities to simulate matchups before the new season. Examples include the Lakers vs. Clippers and Rockets vs. Nets battles to see which team comes out on top. Footage of Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum together has fans ready to see what’s possible with the new Celtics duo.

The NBA 2K is no longer just a basketball simulation but aims to provide players with a game of high visual quality.

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