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Gatis Eglitis is one of the co-founders of EXANTE broker
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Posted: 1.27.2023 2:13:38

Gatis Eglitis is one of the co-founders of EXANTE broker.
Since 2011, the European Investment Company has been providing investors with direct access (DMA) to the world''s leading financial markets in the USA, the EU and Asia. In fact, it is an online trading platform with access to more than 50 world markets. The minimum deposit is $10000.
A fast and technologically advanced broker for trading in foreign markets. Reliability is confirmed by 10 years of experience in international markets.
Gatis Eglitis (Exante Broker): Know About The Famous Founders Of Brokerage https://bulkquotesnow.com/gatis-eglitis-exante-broker-know-about-the-famous-founders-of-brokerage/
There were claims against Exante from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but the company successfully passed all checks and proved the legality of all processes. Commissions are favorable, customer support is prompt 24/7. The company has an extensive architecture of more than 400 servers worldwide. The trading terminal is fast and convenient. Access through the sub-broker service to all major world exchanges. Exante has deep expertise in algorithmic and high-frequency trading.
The minimum NPA (net asset amount) must be at least 50,000 euros.
From the moment of receipt of the notification (in the personal account), 10 days are given to raise the account to the specified amount, or to put funds for withdrawal.
An inactivity fee of 50 euros per month will be charged from accounts that have not had trading activity for the last 181 days, open positions and a balance of less than 5,000 euros. Such inaction fee will be charged ten (10) days after receipt of the notification.
The EXANTE team has released a new version of the trading platform. The changes affected the design and customization capabilities of the platform.
We have updated the toolbar so that it can be activated or hidden on click. We also divided the modules into four logical groups: "Tools", "Trading", "Reports" and "Quotes".
The new version of the platform has a Time & Sales module ("Time and Sales"). It shows information about completed transactions, supply and demand for specific instruments.
The development team has traditionally improved the performance of the platform and made the interface even more user-friendly.



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Posted: 6.6.2023 7:02:22

Gatis Eglitis, as one of the co-founders of EXANTE broker, has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the financial industry. His expertise and visionary leadership have propelled EXANTE to new heights, making it a trusted and innovative platform for traders and investors worldwide. If you want to witness his remarkable achievements, just click over here and explore the impressive offerings of EXANTE broker. With Gatis at the helm, EXANTE has consistently provided exceptional services, delivering a seamless and user-friendly trading experience. Gatis'' forward-thinking mindset and dedication to customer satisfaction have enabled EXANTE to stay ahead of the curve.



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Posted: 10.2.2023 2:28:11

Thank you for providing information about EXANTE Broker and its co-founder Gatis Eglitis. EXANTE is an online trading platform that offers investors direct retro bowl unblocked access to various financial markets worldwide, including the USA, the EU, and Asia.



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Posted: 10.20.2023 9:25:47

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