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Development Length
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What is Development Length?
For you to get an idea about the significance of Developed Length, let us show you a basic example. Request your friend to put a pencil or pen in a closed fist, and then endeavor to get it out.
The more long the pencil within the fist of the person and the more you have to exert effort to push it out. This is the idea of development length is.
Therefore, the length of development can be defined by the duration of the embedment needed to build the complete strength of the reinforcement, which can be controlled with either pulling out or cutting.
Also, a maximum length, referred to as"the development length," is required to be set on either side of the point of steel''s maximum stress to stop the bar from breaking when it is under tension.
Let''s get an idea of the anchorage. For plain bars the bond is due to the chemical bond and friction between concrete and steel However, it is easily broken when a heavy load is imposed.
The end anchorage is designed to avoid this. The beam won''t fall apart even if it is broken across the entire length, if the anchorage is adequate.
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What is the reason to offer development length ?
The strain at the top of the bar will be negligible and it increases gradually over its length thanks to its connection with the concrete. For this to happen, a certain length of development is needed, it''s necessary to.
The length of reinforcement added can help in transferring the stresses that are created at the junction, for instance in beam-column joints.
Importance of Ld
There is no risk of premature bond failure. be experienced if the length L is less or higher than Ld.
The beam is then expected to fail due to shear or bend failure instead of failure of the bond.
When we consider bonds we''re looking at the general mechanism of failure rather than the limitation stresses that will control the design.
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Bars'' development length in compression
The actual performance of bonds when compressed is a subject that needs to be studied. The length of development required is less for bars that are in compression as compared to tension because of the lack of tension cracking in concrete, and the positive effect of end bearing bars when they are in compression. The bond tension stress by 25% - as according to IS code.
The development length of Bundled bars
For applications that require heavy concentration of reinforcement bars, bundles of them will save space and decrease congestion for the construction and consolidation of concrete. Bundling bars into columns can result in better placement and orientation of the reinforcement , resulting in increased column capacity. Additionally, fewer tie-ups are required when columns are bundled.
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